What is a Domain Name?

So, what exactly is a Domain Name? A domain name is very similar to a house, in a way, except online. It is a virtual address that a user types in to find your website online. Example domain name is example.com.

A domain name is an easy way for someone to remember how to get to your website by typing it into their browsers address bar. If we did not have domain names, users would have to remember IP addresses (Example: They are not very user friendly, to say the least.

Every online website requires 2 things: A web hosting provider and a domain name.

All domain names are unique and there are 100’s of what are called “TLDs” available. TLD stands for Top-Level Domain. This is also referred to as the domain “extension”. For example: .COM, .NET, and .ORG are all TLDs.

There are also “ccTLDs”. ccTLD stands for Country Code Top-Level Domain. These refer to specific countries. For example: .CA for Canada, .IN for India, or .UK for United Kingdom.

The cost of most domain names, on average, are around $10 to $20 per year depending on the registrar and the extension that is desired.

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With Backlight Hosting, a domain name is included for free with all of our premium website builder plans. The website builder will allow you to create beautiful websites, and includes web hosting services so you can have your website live in no time.

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